Achromatic Attic is a garage rock band from Zagreb, Croatia formed in 2009, playing in their current lineup since 2010. They are Dino (vocals/rhythm guitar), Mislav (lead guitar), Matt (bass) and Domo (drums/back vocals).

In the following 2 years they played small gigs in local clubs, growing and evolving as individuals and  band. Their sound changed from an inexperienced “GRUNGY” to a more mature “alternative”. Things started to take off in the summer of 2012 when the band went to the studio to record their new EP “Glassy Sweeper” which was released in January 2013. That same EP helped them in the following months, when they entered the INmusic’s  contest “Zasviraj sa Žujom” which they won and as a result got to play in Lemington Spa in UK and INmusic festival in Zagreb. That same year they opened for Manu Chao.

Not long after they entered the studio again to record their second EP named “Wondering Why”. In January of 2014 they released their first official video “Reconciliation”, announcing a soon release of their new EP. The EP was released on October 17th during a special radio show promotion on Radio Student. The rest of the year the band spent playing acoustic gigs in Croatia and working on new material.

The band entered 2015 in full preparations for the recording of the third EP which was released October 28th of 2016. This time the band recorded most of the tracks in their own home studio. In May 2015 the band released their second official video for the song “It’s Been A While” making it the first single. Second single of the EP is “Dig It” which was also released in October of 2016.


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Can You Dig It

Our third EP Can You Dig It!

With this EP we finished our long planned trilogy of EPs.

The EP is special for us because we recorded it at our own studio. Recording and mixing was done by our producer Mark Mrakovčić and by our guitarists Mislav and Dino. Mark also mastered the EP.


Wondering Why

Our second EP Wondering Why!

Wondering Why is a product of long recording sessions and a lot of thought was put into it. We wanted to go beyond the sound we created on the first EP so it was quite a challenge to create it. We enjoyed the process and are proud of what we made.


Glassy Sweeper

Download our EP called “Glassy Sweeper”.

“This four piece from Zagreb have no doubt been honing their craft and have produced a cracking 4 track EP that has an old school feel to the rock edge, the vocals keep it fresh, and the beat keeps you hooked, as the guitar riffs hit you, and tie it all together.” – Rock Regeneration



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